Sunday, November 12, 2006

Oh Fox News.... How I love to hate you

"threat in Wall St. now that democrats are in control"

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Attention to details

[concerning the democrats victory in the house]
"But he's eager to work with both parties on HIS prorties over the next two years. He's got an agenda of important issues he wants to work on, and he's going to work with both parties."
-Tony Fratto speaking on behalf of Bush.

-Perhaps I'm reading too closely into this, I greatly LOLed.

The People Have Spoken

Today is a big day for our country.
For far too long now, the people have been dissatisfied. We asked ourselves repeatedly: how did we let this happen?! What happened to our rights, the peoples rights?
And so, we took action.
We boycotted Kevin Federlines c.d. Ridiculed his music. Mocked his career. All we wanted was our Pop Princess back. And it seems it's worked. Thank heavens for divorce.

........what? Did you *really* think I was going write about the midterm elections, in which Democrats finally tok back the house of rep. after 12 years? Or about Donald Rumsfeld's resignation? PLEASE. Britney's come back ya'll! WOOT!